Economic Security is… freedom to thrive, the peace of mind to live today and plan for the future, without always worrying about economic hardship nipping at your heels. Everyone should have the opportunity to afford the basics and believe in the American Dream that hard work will pay off. Everyone should be able to live in healthy, safe, neighborhoods with access to good education, parks, libraries, health care, and quality jobs – the building blocks of opportunity and thriving communities. Where these opportunities fall short, we can choose new policies to build broader prosperity.

For too long, the center of debate and policy action has focused on reducing poverty.  However, moving out of poverty is a long way from making ends meet. Working full time at the federal minimum wage, a single mother is paid roughly $15,000 a year and cannot earn her way out of poverty as defined by the federal measure of poverty ($19,790 family of 3 in 2014). Poverty is a status from which one should be removed: a negative, exclusive force. Reducing poverty alone does not measure or accomplish enough meaningful progress to remain the benchmark for how well people and communities are faring.

It’s time to look forward, toward our goals and aspirations. Today we launch the “Economic Security is…” campaign.

Our work fits squarely with critical efforts to improve job quality and address inequality. We will apply research to describe and measure progress toward security and equity as well as elevate solutions to wholesale improve conditions for people across communities. The “Economic Security is…” campaign will create greater understanding of, and shift our public conversation toward, economic security. Economic security includes all those who aspire to or feel economically secure. Toward that ideal, we are reaching out to communities across place, race, gender, and age and other partners in progress to build the public will that compels policy maker action. An inclusive community promotes strong families, active democracy, and a well-functioning economy. Working together, we can do better to achieve progress toward economic security for all.

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