Work in America is changing, and for many Americans it is not changing for the better. A postwar world of work that brought two generations of unprecedented American prosperity ended in the 1970s and has been replaced with stagnated and/or low wages, decreasing benefits and worker power, and limited opportunities for advancement. Working people of color are often packed into jobs based on things outside of their control, including race, age, and gender.

  • Conduct research to better understand the impacts of technological change impact job quality for women, young people, and people of color and propose policy solutions.
  • Support groups led by working people of color to develop a proactive agenda to address the changing nature of work and ensure dignity and respect in the workplace
  • Uncover the drivers of racial and gender inequity in the ways in which workforce institutions may be perpetuating racial/ gender bias and inequities
  • Increase understanding of how the rules of our economy are driving labor market changes and affecting working people of color to inform local campaigns and policy agendas
  • Examine the long-term economic consequences of occupational segregation among young adults of color