This Expert Features section will profile best-practices and multi-disciplinary contributions from the field. It will include topical essays, Op-Ed commentaries, policy briefs, research, best practice curricula samples, conference and event bulletins, advocacy campaigns and field updates by community advocates and practitioners from California and nationally.

NCN logo 2014Our first Expert Feature presents resources, models, and imagery from National Compadres Network (NCN). NCN is a national effort whose focus is reinforcing the positive involvement of Chicano, Latino males in the lives of their families, communities, and society. NCN focuses its efforts on healing and supporting Chicano, Latino boys and men based on the development of “circulos” (extended kinship networks) and trauma informed, healing centered capacity building.

Read on for useful downloadable resources.


Transformative MovementNational Compadres Network (NCN)

  1. Joven Noble Rite of Passage Overview (PDF)
  2. Menu La Cultura Cura (LCC) Definitions and Overview (PDF)
  3. Map of Sites NCN LCC Groups (PPT)
  4. Healing Generations Poster (PNG)
  5. Transformative Movement Poster (PDF)
  6. Pledge Against Violence (PDF)