Insight’s Statement on the Immigration Ban

We at the Insight Center for Community Economic Development are appalled by the current ban on Muslim immigration, the executive order to build a border wall, and the call to increase deportations, all put forth by the current president, Donald J. Trump.

Insight believes that no matter your race, nationality or religion, everyone should be able to live a dignified life and have the peace of mind that they can provide for their families and meet their basic needs. Our work ensures that every generation of a family is better off than the last. We know that immigrants come to this country to escape persecution, war, a lack of opportunity, and ultimately to provide a better life for their families. We strive to help these dreams come true.

The president’s recent actions are a decimation of our democratic values and a direct attack on the well-being of the families we are working for. They are both racist and xenophobic and contribute to a culture of fear and divisiveness. We stand with immigrants, refugees, and Muslims as well as all people of color whose communities will be negatively impacted by these highly discriminatory executive orders. Our values of inclusiveness, respect, collaboration and integrity will not be altered, and we will continue to fight for the safety and wellness of all people.