Insight Welcomes Natasha Hicks


The Insight Center is so excited to bring on Natasha Hicks to our team! Natasha will be using her housing, policy, and design expertise to work on Insight’s racial and gender wealth inequality and economic security initiatives. Get to know Natasha by reading her Q&A below:

What drew you to the Insight Center?

Throughout my career I’ve been driven by the question:  How can I use my voice and agency as a designer to address systemic injustice? What drew me to the Insight Center was a shared center of gravity of being rooted in the underlying systemic causes of racial and gender wealth inequality and being rooted in a desire to create systems change.
I was also drawn to the fact that narrative change is core to the work at Insight since addressing harmful mental models has been central to my practice as a designer. I believe that our imagination is our greatest superpower when it comes to freeing us from harmful narratives and I’m excited to bring in teachings from Black designers and the Black radical imagination to Insight’s narrative change work.

What are you excited about working on with us?

I am really excited to bring my perspective working in housing policy to Insight’s work on race and gender wealth inequality and occupational segregation. This work was always critical but is especially urgent in this moment given the disproportionate impacts the pandemic will have on Black and Brown women. I’m excited to be able to contribute to work that I know is so needed now in order to ensure that the COVID recovery efforts are grounded in creating equitable systems that are centered on the needs of Black and Brown women.

What helps you stay grounded in these truly unprecedented times?

What keeps me grounded during these unprecedented times is community and a sense of interconnectedness. I’m extremely grateful to be back home in California close to my family and chosen family and to be able to pour love into and receive love from my community during this time. In addition, I find myself grounded by seeing all the different forms of radical community that are strengthening and emerging in this moment. Community has kept me centered in an overwhelming sense of hope during this moment of terrifying instability.