Director of Racial Equity and Strategy

Jhumpa is the Director of Racial Equity and Strategy at the Insight Center for Community Economic Development. In this role, Jhumpa is a key contributor to the thought leadership of the Insight Center, provides cross-program content support and strategic guidance, and leads the overall strategy of Insight’s racial equity work.

Grounded with a deep equity lens, Jhumpa’s expertise includes developing equity-based practices, polices and frameworks; conducting equity-based assessments; forging strategic partnerships and collaborations; conducting best practice research; organizational and staff capacity building; incorporating student and community voice into policy and programming; and facilitating complex dialogues on race, culture, and immigration.

A former Director and Senior Program Manager at California Tomorrow, Jhumpa has provided her leadership, racial justice lens, and analytical thinking on various national research and capacity building projects focused on creating systems that address and meet the needs of low-income communities of color and English Learner and immigrant students. For over 17 years her work has included providing professional development and coaching to practitioners and organizations, working directly with youth and community leaders, advocating for and creating policy and system changes, and identifying and highlighting promising practices for communities of color.