Jobs that Lift is a project of the Insight Center for Community Economic Development that advances the well-being of Mississippians who are disconnected from employment and education, with a particular focus on Black and low-income Mississippians.

Specifically, the Insight Center will conduct research, integrate community voice and craft recommendations to better meet the needs of people who face barriers to education and employment. We will do this by:

  • Investigating and lifting up community-identified obstacles, needs and strengths related to finding good, quality jobs;
  • Examining hidden employment and underemployment with a focus on race, gender and age;
  • Engaging employers to gain their insights about growing industries and occupations, ways to obtain those jobs and how to move up;
  • Identifying workforce system approaches that help people who are disconnected from work and education get them; and,
  • Working in deep partnership with local organizations.

With a particular focus on Jackson, Sunflower County and East Biloxi, our project is unique in combining findings from the lived experiences of people who are disconnected and/or discouraged from work, robust labor market and workforce development analysis and input from employers and workforce development system representatives. We will provide recommendations regarding employer actions, changes in the public workforce system and investments to make better impact. We value what our partners know, and we will incorporate stakeholders’ input into the recommendations we make.

The Insight Center is a national research and advocacy organization that has worked to advance racial and economic justice for families in Mississippi for over a decade. We are deeply committed to communities of color and economic security for all Mississippians, and across the nation.