LYMB_SearchofJustice_CoverLatino Young Men and Boys: In Search of Justice, Testimonies

The book features a wide-ranging collection of community voices through poetry, writings, and art, including those directly affected by the justice system, advocates, and expert practitioners, seeking to inform culturally-based best practice strategies in Restorative Justice. Experts estimate that American taxpayers spend about $75 billion annually to support adult prisoners in detention, most of whom are men of color. Meanwhile, another generation of Latino young men and boys is at risk of being incarcerated. The chronic failure of the public school system coupled with unprecedented high levels of adult and youth incarceration in low income communities, are devastating low-income Latino and other communities of color. This book explores the value of adopting comprehensive culturally-based restorative justice approaches that heal, rehabilitate, and restore over hyper punitive juvenile and criminal justice policies resulting in mass incarceration while failing to reduce crime. (Released December 2015)

Latino Young Men and Boys: In Search of Justice, Testimonies is now available at, Arte Público Press, and Kindle Edition.

Excerpt, Latino Young Men and Boys, In Search of Justice, Testimonies

Yvonne Garcia, Color of Justice