Overcoming Disparities, Profiles in Best Practice (March 2016)

Latino Young Men and Boys: Overcoming Disparity 

The book profiles a collection of culturally-based best practice strategies and models (rooted in the La Cultura Cura Framework) focused on:

  • Individual and community healing
  • Community-wide restorative justice models
  • Inter-generational leadership development and civic engagement
  • Comprehensive community development aimed at improving life chances for Latino boys and young men of indigenous descent

The publications focus on the work of select communities, including noted field experts and leading non-profits such as National Compadres Network, Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice, La Plazita Institute, and Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos. The book shares strategies, tools and resources used to effectively deal with the challenges boys of color face because of poverty, injustice, and discrimination. (To Be Released September 2016)

Latino Young Men and Boys: Overcoming Disparity will be available at Amazon.com, Arte Público Press, and Kindle Edition.

Excerpt, Overcoming Disparity, Latino Young Men and Boys