Monterey County Weekly

Americans like to think anyone can make it through hard work, but the deck is stacked against those at the bottom. The Oakland-based Insight Center for Community Economic Development released a study Oct. 9 showing that to be disproportionately true for Latinos. The study, “Latinx Families in the Golden State: When Working Hard Isn’t Enough” shows 52 percent of Latino families with two or more workers can’t earn enough to pay their bills. When Latinos work in higher-paying jobs they still make less – white workers are paid an average of 27-percent more than Latinos in the same positions. In Monterey County, 62 percent of Latino workers are struggling to make ends meet, three times higher than white workers. The median household income for Latinos here is $54,530, $40,000 less than white households. (Monterey County’s median income overall is $72,400.)

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