By Steve Dubb | Nonprofit Quarterly

A new study co-published by the Asset Funders Network and the Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap Initiative examines the large gap in household wealth between households headed by men and households headed by women and suggests steps that nonprofits, philanthropy, and policy can take to close that gap.

The report, Clipped Wings, is written by Jhumpa Bhattacharya and Anne Price from the Insight Center for Community Economic Development (ICCED) and Fenaba Addo of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In it, Bhattacharya and her colleagues take a detailed look at just how gendered wealth inequality in the US is and how new government policies and philanthropic practices could change those dynamics.

To do this, the report focuses on women born between 1980 and 1997, the so-called millennial generation. Bhattacharya, a report coauthor and vice president of programs and strategy at ICCED, notes that women from this generation face many challenges.

“Many of them entered the workforce during the Great Recession,” notes Eillie Anzilotti in Fast Company, and are “mired in an economic landscape of stagnant salaries and rising costs.”

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