By Million Bazillion | Marketplace

Jed’s treehouse needs repairs, but it’s gonna cost more than he has right now. Saving money can be tough — and even tougher to talk about! So this week on the show we’re gonna get the conversation started and learn a few ways to think about spending and saving our money. We’ll sit down with some experts, do some mythbusting around saving and hear from a young Dollar Scholar who’s got a unique way of keeping track of her savings. Plus, singer Natasha Bedingfield’s got a cheeky idea for a twist on the piggy bank.

Money talks

Take a minute to recap the episode and review the key points. Here are some questions to get the kids going:

  1. While Jed’s been trying to save money for repairs, who’s been camping out in his treehouse?
  2. Jed spent some of the money he was saving on a new ice cream-making scooter. When you have a choice of spending your money on different things, there’s the dollar price you pay for the thing you choose — and there’s another cost. Do you remember what that’s called? It’s the thing you missed out on because you chose to spend your money on something else.
  3. Saving money is hard, but there are good ways to practice. Do you remember what the “jar system” is?
  4. Finally, let’s practice future thinking. Think about something you’d like to save money for, and write a little story about what your life will be like when you get it. The better you picture your goal, the more you’re likely to save for it.

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