By Tara Duggan | San Francisco Chronicle

Karla Yamileth Bernal Flores is almost certain she’s going to be offered a new job as a cook at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, the prestigious private school on San Francisco’s Cathedral Hill. Not only would the hourly pay be $6 higher than her previous job, but the position would be full time instead of part time. It would be a huge improvement for her and her two young sons, especially after they recently spent a year at the Star Community Home homeless shelter.

She’s excited. And yet, she is also nervous, because she knows the new income would make her ineligible for CalFresh — formerly known as food stamps — which currently makes up half of the family’s food budget, and it would reduce the rent subsidy she receives from San Francisco’s Prenatal Homeless Center.

She’s not sure, all in all, that the new job will be a net gain.

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