By Alex Camardelle | Georgia Budget and Policy Institute 

Georgia ranks second in the nation for the growth of women-owned businesses.[1]Women own about 40 percent of Georgia firms.[2] Entrepreneurship remains a powerful way for women to propel themselves along the path to economic prosperity. Still, while the number of women business owners is growing fast in Georgia, they lag significantly behind men in access to capital and the generation of new revenue. This disparity limits the potential of women-owned businesses to develop infrastructure, hire new employees and seize the promising potential of entrepreneurship as a means to build wealth for themselves and their communities. The lack of targeted strategies to correct this disparity worsens gender equity, hinders economic inclusion and threatens the strength of Georgia’s economy.

This analysis builds on 2017’s “Laying the Foundation: A Wealth-Building Agenda for Georgia Women”, a GBPI report that details a comprehensive set of policies to give women more ways to achieve prosperity and support their families.[3] This update expands on the recommendations to boost women’s entrepreneurship in Georgia.

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