Here, we intend to offer access to important resources of special importance to and for Latino Young Men and Boys. These include readings and references to additional content that will help to advance public dialog and understanding of the issues.

By offering practical tools and resources we are working to increase the added value of offering this space to any and all individuals who are committed to making American society both stronger and more inclusive by seeking ways to more effectively and productively develop the minds and skills of Latino men and boys.

Click here to view and download the Latino Young Men and Boys Brochure.

Related Websites

In addition to the resources we plan to offer and include, we will also refer site users to additional websites and the work of other key organizational leaders in the field, such as the following:

We plan to share project assessments and program evaluations, as well as logic models and other planning and diagnostic tools that may be informative to allied efforts. Included here, for example, are several items from the National Compadres Network that will soon be complemented by additional information along these lines from other leading groups, click here to read more

Suggested Reading

Finally, we have also produced a comprehensive bibliography of recent books, studies, and other writings concerning the issues to help advance public knowledge and understanding. Click here to view the full bibliography assembled by one of Insight’s Senior Consultants, Ricardo G. Huerta Niño, PhD.