The Wealth Cycle GraphicThe Insight Center for Community Economic Development is a think and do tank. Since 1969, we have helped people and communities become and remain economically secure through research, thought leadership and community action.

Our work addresses each stage of the economic lifecycle, from birth through retirement and intergenerations. We have published countless groundbreaking reports, led advocacy campaigns that have sparked meaningful policy change and pioneered legal services work across the country. We were among the first organizations in the country to identify and promote the sector partnership approach to workforce and economic development.

Metrics and Measurements

The Insight Center’s work in metrics and measurement is rooted in the Building Economic Security for All (BESA) mission to help all people achieve a basic level of economic security in the U.S., so they have enough money to cover the expenses of everyday life like rent, food, child care, health care, transportation and taxes, but also enough to begin to develop savings and assets. Click here to learn more…

Workforce Development

The Insight Center’s Workforce Development program aims to bring about the creation of good jobs for all workers, strong industries that support vital communities, and an inclusive economy that provides equitable employment and that makes it possible for people to become economically secureClick here to learn more…

Asset Building

America’s celebrated promise is that anyone can achieve a good life and provide for their children if they work hard and play by the rules. But the story of ordinary middle and working class families, determined to provide a good life for their children, is one of increasing economic instability and significant loss of security. Families thought they were playing by rules of middle class success. Buying a home and sending both parents into the workforce has typically been the route to stability and security. But increasingly, to offset the loss of a job, a medical emergency or a family break up and hang on to a middle class life, families began to eat into the equity of their homes and savings, driving up debt. Click here to learn more…

Legal Services

Through our Legal Services work, we seek to expand the quality and quantity of free legal services available to community-based organizations (CBOs) in support of their community economic development (CED) activities by:

  • Legal services programs to their eligible CBO clients
  • Pro bono attorneys in private practice
  • Law school clinical programs providing transactional legal assistance
  • Community development legal programs
  • Civil rights and similar organizations providing legal assistance to CBOs

To do so, we provide advice and representation, dissemination of written materials on legal issues in CED, onsite and web-based CED training, and facilitation of information exchange among CED legal practitioners. Click here to learn more…

Past Initiatives

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