We provide organizational development, legal structuring, and internal operations assistance regarding charitable tax exempt organizations and their affiliates, including:

  • Preparation/review of articles of incorporation, bylaws, and tax exemption applications
  • Formation of subsidiary corporations and limited liability companies for business and real estate activities
  • Formation and operation of coalitions and fiscal sponsor arrangements
  • Review of human resource policies
  • Government grant and program compliance
  • Director and officer roles and proper exercise of legal responsibilities and duties
  • Office space purchase/lease, including nonprofit co-ownership
  • Tax and accounting treatment of earned income
  • Options for and implementation of affiliations, mergers, and dissolutions
  • Preparation/review of tax and other governmental filings

We also provide CED legal assistance, including

  • Advice on the business and real estate development process and available legal structures
  • Advice on the acquisition, rehabilitation, development, ownership, and operation of real estate
  • Preparation/review of contracts, leases, purchase and sale, management, joint venture, loan, and other agreements
  • Advice on the conduct of commercial business activity, including the tax treatment of business income and the development, management, and expansion of business enterprises

Our Legal Services work intersects the other Insight Center focus areas through the legal aspects of:

  • Developing first source hiring and living wage programs
  • Developing microenterprise and small business programs that support minority and women owned businesses
  • Identifying and removing government policies that limit or restrict asset building or that take away assets
  • Promoting public and private sector financing and reinvestment in communities
  • Promoting small dollar loan programs and other alternatives to payday lending

Contact us by telephone, email, fax, or in-person. Requests can be directed to Brad Caftel, Chief Legal Officer. Materials on nonprofit organization and operations can be found here, including sample incorporation and tax exemption application documents, fiscal sponsor and other sample agreements, checklists, and training outlines.

We provide free services to California legal services, private bar, law school, or other pro bono attorneys as a California statewide support center through funding from the California State Bar Interest on Lawyer Trust Account and Equal Access Fund programs. Time permitting, we provide free services to pro bono attorneys in other states.

Requests for free services from CBOs in California should first be directed to their local legal services program. We provide services directly to CBOs in California on a fee basis only. We provide services to CBOs in other states on a fee basis only, and only on matters appropriate for an out-of-state attorney to address.