The Insight Center’s Workforce Development program aims to bring about the creation of good jobs for all workers, strong industries that support vital communities, and an inclusive economy that provides equitable employment and that makes it possible for people to become economically secure.

We take on crucial challenges for our society related to employment – growing economic insecurity; stubborn employment disparities faced by people of color, people with disabilities, and women; increasing skill gaps, and the lack of good jobs – that will make things increasingly bleak for people, businesses, and our society unless they are overcome. We build upon the resilience and strength of people who face these challenges, and the solution-oriented efforts of leaders in business and government. We work with them to chart a bright future for all. 

We accomplish this through:

  • The National Network of Sector Partners (NNSP), a network of over 3,500 that supports the improvement and expansion of industry sector-focused workforce development, because they provide proven solutions to the crucial problems our society faces and innovations based on them.
  • Regional efforts such as HealthWorks, through which businesses, community leaders, and public officials are overcoming barriers to employment faced by young men of color, and through which they harness and align local reinvestment, new employment opportunities, and such as Buy, Invest and Hire, and Give Locally (BIG) that mobilizes under-tapped community capital with an eye to bolstering local small business expansion, job quality, and employment equity
  • Assisting on how to design, operate, and sustain workforce programs that effectively meet the needs of particular businesses in an industry sector, job seekers, and workers
  • Helping reshape industry practices, financing, public policies, and public institutions through which workers and industries interact

We assist community colleges, governmental entities, labor-management partnerships, non-profits, workforce boards, and others.

To explore whether we can help overcome employment disparities and economic insecurity while strengthening regional economic vitality, or to find out more, email