What is the National Network of Sector Partners?

The National Network of Sector Partners (NNSP) is the national association for sector partnerships and their supporters. NNSP advocates for sector partnerships and works with them to:

  • Increase economic security, focusing on low-income individuals, their families, and their communities;
  • Meet the workforce-related needs of industry sectors that are important to regional labor markets;
  • Strengthen employment equity; and
  • Improve regional economic vitality.

Created as an initiative of the Insight Center in 1999, NNSP has hundreds of members nationwide and a broader network of over 3,500 sector partnership leaders, policy makers, researchers, business and labor leaders, funders, and other supporters. NNSP works with our national advisory committee, members, and broader network and draws upon their experience to set and achieve our priorities.

Why This Matters

Sector partnerships are regional, industry-focused approaches to workforce and economic development that are proven to help job-seekers and workers obtain good jobs and employers improve their bottom line. They address problems in regional labor markets that leave industries lacking employees with the right skills and workers lacking the skills they need for better jobs. In doing so, they also work at a systems level to build the workforce pipeline, overcome disparities in employment that limit both economic security and productivity, and contribute to regional economic vitality.

What We Do

NNSP supports sector partnerships by:

  • Advancing public policy and funding to support sector partnerships
  • Guiding development of strategic plans and action plans
  • Delivering training, technical assistance, and tools, in person, virtually, and via
  • Pursuing strategies to reduce employment disparities that affect people of color, women, and others
  • Informing the field about the latest research, success stories, and industry-specific information
  • Conducting research using rigorous methodologies
  • Providing NNSP’s web-site, webinars, newsletters, videos, LinkedIn group, and social media – go-to resources for sector partnerships, policy makers, and others.

NNSP’s clients include community colleges and community college systems, labor-management partnerships, national federations of community-based organizations, regional workforce funder collaboratives, states agencies and state associations and workforce boards and regional employment and training offices. To explore whether we can help meet your needs regarding sector partnerships or strategies that support them, or to find out more, email

Our Successes

With over 15 years’ experience promoting and supporting sector approaches, NNSP has helped:

  • Bring about policy and funding support for sector partnerships in WIOA and states across the U.S.
  • Build the capacity to design, operate, sustain, and scale up sector partnerships of hundreds of workforce boards, community colleges, community-based organizations, labor-management partnerships, industry associations, and economic development organizations across the country
  • Develop and disseminate resources to support sector partnerships on topics such as career pathways, apprenticeships, strong business involvement, and employment equity

Membership in NNSP

NNSP membership provides what you need on sector partnerships and strategies to support them: advocacy on policy and funding, interaction with highly effective sector partnerships, key information resources, and other assistance.

Visit to learn more.