Available for Technical Assistance Available for Op-ed Writing
Vishnu Sridharan Consultant Phone: (724) 317-2411 Email expert 1425 Harrison St, Apt 231 Oakland, CA 94612
Type of Asset Work Policy advocate/policymaker, Community Practitioner, Researcher, Consultant Area(s) of Expertise Debt & Credit, Financial Education, Financial Products & Services, Savings & Investment, Wealth Disparities Specific Population Focus Asian Americans, Latinos/Hispanics
Vishnu Sridharan, J.D., has worked on international and domestic anti-poverty platforms for the past decade. He was involved in direct service as the director of an economic justice program for working youth and young adults throughout the Bay Area, and he delved into the policy side with a Washington, D.C. think tank, where he conducted research and advocacy around how national, state, and local policies can integrate equity into anti-poverty interventions. Vishnu also has a deep background in human rights, in particular social and economic rights, from his legal advocacy in China and community building efforts as a Peace Corps Volunteer in El Salvador. He earned a bachelor's degree from Columbia College and a law degree from Stanford Law School. His writings have appeared in Foreign Policy,, the Christian Science Monitor, Slate and Politico.