The Insight Center is a leader in analyzing economic information and producing economic impact studies quantifying the economic effects of early care and education. In collaboration with local partners, we have produced studies in the following locations:

State Economic Impact Reports

Nevada, (2010), PDF
New Mexico, (2010), PDF
Montana, (2008), PDF
Washington, DC, Full report, (2007) PDF, 1.0MB, Executive Summary, (2007), PDF 1.4MB
New Jersey, (2006), PDF
South Hampton Roads, Virginia, (2006), PDF 401KB
Ohio, (2005), PDF1.6MB
Illinois, (2005), PDF 2.2KB
Hawaii, (2005), PDF 651KB
North Carolina, (2004), PDF 607KB
Jefferson and Hardin Counties, Kentucky, Full report, (2004 ), PDF 766KB
Massachusetts, (2004), PDF
Minnesota, (2003), PDF 787KB
California, Full report, (2001), PDF 584KB

California County Economic Impact Reports

Los Angeles, Full Report, (2008) 1.7MB, Executive summary, (2008), PDF
Early Care and Education Career Lattices in Los Angeles, Full Report, (2008) 3MB, Executive summary, (2008), PDF
Fresno, Full Report (2007) PDF, 2MB, Exexutive Summary (2007) PDF, 2MB
Riverside, Full report, (2006), PDF 716KB, Executive summary, (2006), PDF 5.0MB
Humboldt, Full report, (2006), PDF 539KB
, Executive summary, (2006) PDF 123KB
Merced, Full report, (2006), PDF 403KB, Executive summay, (2006 )PDF  89KB
San Francisco, Full report, (2006), PDF 3.5MB, Executive summary, (2006), PDF 1.2MB
Monterey, 1997, updated 2003, Full Report, PDF 375KB, Executive Summary, PDF 87KB
Butte, Full report, (2002), PDF 2.5MB, Executive summary, (2002), PDF 1.4MB
Sonoma,Full report, (2002), PDF 401KB, Executive summary, (2002), PDF 244KB
Santa Clara, 1998, updated in 2002, Full report, PDF 465KB, Executive summary, PDF 301KB
Contra Costa, Full report, (2002), PDF 476KB
Orange, (2002), PDF
Alameda, (1998), PDF
San Benito, (1998), PDF
Solano,(2004), PDF
Ventura, Full report, (1998), PDF 240KB, Executive summary, (2007), PDF 420KB
Kern, (1997), PDF
San Mateo, Full Report, (1997), PDF 203KB
Santa Cruz, (1997), PDF