How do we mobilize campaigns and develop systems to support, rather than hinder, families in their own efforts towards economic stability?

Metrics Matter is an innovation network for national, state and local leaders promoting economic security who:

  • Build public will for more inclusive public policies and practices;
  • Use an age, gender or race lens in their research, advocacy or services;
  • Connect with local organizations and communities;
  • Devise or use improved economic security indicators to track family economic security.


What We Do

Through greater collaboration, peer learning, and shared frameworks, Metrics Matter increases the knowledge and impact of national and state organizations and coalitions focused on economic security.  Specifically, we aim to:

  • Identify best practices and opportunities for innovation when measuring and promoting economic security;
  • Elevate the economic security field around common principles and shared learning;
  • Ensure there are race, age, gender and geographic lenses when analyzing who is economically secure or insecure.


The Insight Center supports the network and organizes national convenings, webinars and listservs to deepen communications and peer learning among state, local, and national leaders.