The Insight Center is one of the nation’s few policy think tanks whose work is driven by and for leaders and communities of color committed to economic opportunity for all Americans. We support applied research, thought leadership, and community action models that advance our mission to help people and communities become and remain economically secure.

Organizational Evolution

Insight Center 3.0 positions the organization as a leading center of deeper and broader stakeholder engagement, practice innovation and capacity building, and applied policy formation and promotion – drawing upon the best ideas and solutions evolving from the national community economic development field and providing the leadership to take those practices and policies to scale and sustainability.

Five Year Strategic Plan

In the five years since the Insight Center for Community Economic Development embarked on its last Strategic Plan, the world has changed. So have we.

As we approach our 50th year, the Insight Center work is guided by a Strategic Plan that recognizes American communities are in the midst of wrenching economic change. This reality requires new responses to the current crisis, as well as new strategies to prepare for a future in which the search for economic security may prove more challenging than ever.