Michael Petro is the Vice President, Director of Business and Government Policy, and Chief of Staff for the Committee for Economic Development (CED). In this capacity, Michael is responsible for connecting CED's policy projects and activities to the business community, government officials, and members of the media. In recent years, Michael has been successful in helping build new constituencies around such issues as campaign finance reform, trade and globalization, K-12 education reform, and early childhood education. Of particular note was CED's effort to engage and mobilize business leaders around campaign finance reform. Many credit the entrance of the business community as a crucial ingredient that led to the passage of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. Prior to joining CED, Michael served as Vice President for the Center for National Policy. Michael has had extensive interaction and dealings with the governments and business leaders of various Asian countries. He has been active in a variety of political activities, including his work on the presidential campaigns of John Glenn and Walter Mondale, serving as National Finance Director for Bob Graham's 1986 Senate Campaign, and working as Executive Director of the Democratic Business Council. Mr. Petro studied at Brunel University in England and is a graduate of the State University of New York at Brockport.