Jun 30, 2015

Guest commentary: A path forward designed to help equalize the economy

By Christina Arrostuto and Gabriela Sandoval.

Our economy is out of balance. Too many families can't get ahead in our beloved Bay Area no matter how hard they work. The great news is, it's not as difficult as you may think to move closer to a more equitable and prosperous Bay Area. We know what to do. We have the resources. All we need is the will.

On June 3, Rise Together Bay Area released new research conducted by the Insight Center for Community Economic Development. This analysis, published in the report, Promoting Regional Economic Success in the San Francisco Bay Area, shows that if the nine counties in the Bay Area joined forces to implement smart public policies and scale successful local programs, we could help 150,000 Bay Area families living on the brink to make ends meet while also generating an $8 billion positive economic impact for our region. 

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