Apr 18, 2013

Special Report: Aspirations and Measures for Economic Security

The economic downturn has heightened public awareness about economic insecurity in America. More people care about struggling Americans and more organizations are dedicated to helping people reach a basic level of economic stability. 

Now, more than ever, we need a common understanding and framework of what economic security—or insecurity—means in America.

The Insight Center for Community Economic Development is pleased to publish a report, Measuring Up: Aspirations for Economic Security in the 21st Century, which analyzes the ways in which the U.S. government and others frame, measure and shape the public conversation about what it takes for people to be economically secure.

Specifically, the report looks at multiple indicators including income and assets, and it highlights groups that too often are excluded from the public debate, such as people of color, women, older adults, immigrants, and multi-generational households. We describe how safety net proponents, labor advocates, asset builders, and racial equity leaders use a variety of innovative indicators to make their case.

Please take a look, and join us as we start a conversation to unify our nation around common principles for defining and achieving economic security for all.