Sep 11, 2013

A Snapshot of Poverty in Santa Barbara County

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors launched the Poverty Initiative in January 2012 to provide a snapshot of poverty in the county.  The board commissioned Insight Center to produce a geographically-based study to identify ways in which the Recession has impacted Santa Barbara County. Through data collection, a Service Provider and Funder Survey, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping, and stakeholder interviews, the purpose of this assessment is to analyze how well county resources and services are
strategically aligned to areas and populations in greatest economic need and to make recommendations for improvements.

Downloadable versions of the full report, executive summary, and appendices, as well as the Board Agenda Letter, a press release announcing the September 10, 2013 presentation to the Board of Supervisors, and the presentation itself are available here.

Media coverage include: