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NNSP develops and shares knowledge within the sector field. Listed below are recent publications - from NNSP and other sources - of interest to sector initiatives and their supporters. To see the description of any publication, click on the expand button ( Expand) beside its title.

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Highlighted Publications

NNSP / Insight Center Publications

  • THRIVE! Helping Older San Diegans Get Good Jobs through an Industry Sector Approach (2012) Expand
  • Do Businesses Think Federal Funding Should Support Workforce Training? (2011) Expand
  • Sector Snapshot: A Profile of Sector Initiatives, 2010 Expand
  • From Hidden Costs to High Returns: Unlocking the Potential of the Lower-Wage Workforce (2010) Expand
  • Business Benefits of Employee Development Literature Review (2010) Expand
  • Napa Hotel Sector Project (2009) Expand
  • Sacramento Regional Construction and Transportation Initiative (2009) Expand
  • Health Care Workforce Development Program (2009) Expand
  • A Growing Green Economy - Opportunities of Tomorrow (2009) Expand
  • An Evaluation Framework for State Sector Strategies (2008) Expand
  • Supporting Sector Strategies in the South (2008) Expand
  • Colorado Construction Sector Workforce Needs Study (2008) Expand
  • Sector Snapshots: A Profile of Sector Initiatives (2007) Expand
  • Sector Initiatives for Colorado's Long-Term Care Industry (2007) Expand
  • System Change in the Flint Healthcare Employment Opportunities Sector Initiative (2007) Expand
  • Policy Report: Increasing Use of Dislocated Worker Funds (2007) Expand
  • Filling America's Jobs (2007) Expand
  • State Sector Strategies: Regional Solutions to Worker and Employer Needs (2006) Expand
  • Oregon Vineyard Workers Survey (2006) Expand
  • Staffing Agencies and the Hard-to-Employ Population (2005) Expand
  • Chinatown Families For Family Economic Success Coalition Sector Research (2005) Expand
  • The Road to Sector Success: A Guide for Workforce Boards (2004) Expand
  • From Processing Food to Fabricating Metals, (2004) Expand
  • Working Poor No More: How Three Bay Area Projects are Making Self Sufficiency a Reality (2004) Expand
  • Using the California Self-Sufficiency Standard in Practice: Ideas for Organizations and Public Agencies Working to Help Families (2004) Expand
  • Employing Offenders in San Francisco: A Sector Research Methodology, (2003) Expand
  • Putting the Pieces Together: Connecting Industries, Workers, and Communities to Strengthen Traditionally Low-Wage Sectors (2001) Expand
  • Regional Workforce Funding Collaboratives: Leading the Way for California’s Workers and Businesses Expand

Partner Publications

  • Innovative Collaborations between Workforce Boards and Employers Helped Meet Local Needs (2012) Expand
  • Tuning In to Local Labor Markets: Findings from the Sectoral Employment Impact Study (2010) Expand
  • Job Training That Works: Findings from the Sectoral Employment Impact Study (2009) Expand
  • Systems Change: A Survey of Program Activities (2008) Expand
  • Targeting Industries, Training Workers, and Improving Opportunities: The Final Report from the Sectoral Employment Initiative (2008) Expand
  • Sectoral Strategies for Low-Income Workers (2007) Expand
  • Building Effective Employer Relations (2004) Expand
  • By Design: Engaging Employers in Workforce Development Organizations (2003) Expand
  • High Road Partnership Report Expand