We spark ideas for innovative, multi-dimensional solutions to economic inequity. We are bold in our thinking and analyses and we push for transformative change that addresses the root causes of inequity. Our ideas are future forward and we serve as a progressive voice and thought leader in the field.

Modalities used: convening, advocacy, thought leadership, incubator of progressive thinking, field building


We give voice to communities and their collective experience, humanity, and policy needs so that their lived experiences are represented, and their ideas are reflected, in economic policy. We amplify progressive thought and analysis to ensure that the ways we think, talk about, and empower people of color, low-income communities, and women are grounded in community voice and focused on the causes rather than symptoms of inequity.

Modalities used: action-oriented research, advocacy for race conscious policies


We seed the field with bold, innovative leaders. To drive change we need a pipeline of leaders, particularly leaders of color, who challenge the limitations of our flawed systems and lead with a deep commitment to the communities we serve. Insight develops emerging leaders by including them in our transformative work, engaging them in community-led ideation, and providing a platform to raise their visibility in the field.

Modalities used: fellowships, research partnerships, network building