The Insight Center serves as a California’s statewide support center that provides short-term advice and counsel, specialized technical assistance, publications, and training in CED to eligible legal-services programs, their client community-based organizations, and attorneys in private practice who provide pro bono legal services to eligible client organizations.


Each year, the Insight Center responds to over 150 requests for technical assistance from legal-services projects and pro bono attorneys. These requests cover a broad range of economic-development projects. Examples include assistance with the formation and operation of charitable organizations, advice on organizational governance and tax-exemption issues, entity development for real-estate projects, and review and revision of legal documents. These services are provided free of charge through support from the California State Bar Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts and Equal Access Fund programs.


Our legal publications include sample organizing documents, sample agreements, and checklists and training outlines, each covering matters that arise in nonprofit corporation formation and operation.