The Elder Economic Security Index (Elder Index) is the only county-specific measure of the minimum income necessary to cover all of an older adult’s basic expenses—housing, food, health care, and transportation. The California Elder Index is available for all 58 counties across the state and the City of Los Angeles.

Click here for the Elder Index methodology and Elder Index data prior to 2011.

Long-Term Care Data

The Elder Index does not include the cost of home-based long term care assistance. In-home long term care costs can double a senior’s overall expenses. Click here for more information. Click here for more information on the Elder Index. This tool allows you to look up the Elder Index for a specific location and household type in California:
Select the County:
Head of Household:
Housing Type:
Type of additional residents*: Grandchildren Adult Children
Number of Grandchildren in Household:
*The Elder Index is currently calculated for households with elder(s) only, elder(s) living with grandchild(ren) only, or elder(s) living with adult child(ren) only.
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