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Episode 6: Aurora Martin

Listen to Anne Price and Aurora Martin discuss PopUp Justice, a community building and social innovation collaborative with branches in social justice, technology, art, and popular culture.

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Aurora Martin, former Executive Director of Columbia Legal Services in Washington State and an inaugural 2017 American Bar Association Innovation Fellow, recently left a long career working for justice in legal aid to launch a new social innovation startup that sits at the intersection of technology, art, justice, and popular culture.

Aurora joined Insight Center President Anne Price to discuss this new venture, PopUp Justice, which offers a bold, creative vision of social justice and innovation grounded in community, culture, and technology.

Reflecting on her professional and personal experiences from nearly two decades in the legal aid field, Aurora discussed the motivations behind PopUp Justice, the power and potential of digital technology and social collaboration, and the need to re-envision justice as a community-centered experience shaped by culture and communication, not just the inner workings of the legal system.

“Having worked for justice as part of a statewide legal aid program for many years, I realized I wanted to imagine justice differently – beyond the courtrooms, beyond the halls of power, and into the communities we serve,” said Aurora.

She also described her work on the Rural American Digital (RAD) Lab, an initiative of PopUp Justice, Heritage University, and Whitman College that seeks to harness digital tools and innovations to invest in rural communities, amplify hidden voices and talent, and spark a shift in our national dialogue.

To learn more about PopUp Justice, connect with Aurora Martin on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, and stay tuned for the launch of her new website: popupjustice.org.