The Insight Center sparks research and ideation, amplifies hidden voices and truths, and seeds the field with visionary leaders and changemakers.

Our current work targets the four primary drivers of economic exclusion and racial inequity: intergenerational wealth transfer; the changing nature of work; harmful narratives; and inequities in the criminal justice system, namely mass incarceration and fines and fees that disproportionately affect communities of color.

We address these issues at the root level through innovative, multidimensional initiatives and partnerships that leverage our core capacities in research, ideation, narrative change, and leadership to foster systemic, transformational change.

We work across the nation. We are headquartered in Oakland, California, our lab for progressive policy innovation and thought leadership.


  • Family Needs Calculator (formerly the Self-Sufficiency Standard)
  • Race, Gender and Wealth
  • Color of Wealth Research
  • Racial Justice and Universal Basic Income
  • Jobs That Lift
  • Changing Narratives and Giving Voice
  • Fines, Fees and Criminal Justice Reform
  • Fair Chance Workforce Systems



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Racial Wealth Gap
Workforce Development
Legal Services
Metrics & Measurements
PayDay Lending
Child Care
Early Education
Inclusive Business
Income & Asset Building
  • BIG Initiative | Past Initiative
  • HealthWorks East Bay | Past Initiative
  • Elder Index for CA | Past Initiative
  • Self Sufficiency Standard for California | Past Initiative
  • Centro del Pueblo | Past Initiative
  • People’s Grocery | Past Initiative
  • Mission Asset Fund | Past Initiative
  • Support to California Legal-Services Programs | Past Initiatives
  • Latino Young Men and Boys (LMB) | Past Initiatives
  • Building Economic Security for All (BESA) | Past Initiative
  • Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative | Past Initiative
  • Savings and Asset Building | Past Initiative
  • National Network of Sector Partners (NNSP) | Past Initiative
  • PayDay Lending | Past Initiative
  • Metrics Matter: An Innovation Network for Economic Security | Past Initiative
  • Legal Services | Past Initiative
  • InBiz, the Inclusive Business Initiative | Past Initiatives
  • The Economic Power of Early Care and Education | Past Initiative
  • Building Child Care | Past Initiative