Color of Wealth Miami | February 25

SPECIAL EVENT REPORT RELEASE: The Color of Wealth in Miami: How race and ethnic identity shape economic opportunity

Wealth – a tally of assets you own and have accumulated minus your debts – is an important marker of economic security. Research shows that without even modest assets, such as savings and retirement accounts, or homes, land and small businesses, a family or person’s life can turn upside down quickly due to every day occurrences such as a loss of a job, unexpected medical expense or a much needed home or car repair. Without some wealth, families have nothing to draw from in times of emergencies. Building wealth over a lifetime and then passing it onto later generations is among the most effective ways to secure personal and family well-being.

Building wealth is not easy and a new report finds that there are major racial and ethnic differences in wealth accumulation in Miami. Even among Latino groups, race and ancestral origin has some impact on socio-economic outcomes. The report discusses where our communities stand and includes specific data on the economic well-being of local African Americans, Cubans, West Indians, South Americans, Dominicans, and Afro-Latinos, among others.

Please join us and this exciting panel, including leading experts on race and wealth in America and Miami-Dade community activists to discuss wealth inequalities in Miami.

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