Rebuilding the House That Anti-Blackness Built in Our COVID Response | June 1

Join us for a webinar on Monday, June 1 from 10am – 11am PT led by Black and Brown women to hear findings from the Economic Policy Institute’s upcoming report. The report highlights the economic and health insecurity that COVID-19 presents for Black workers and their families, and why that unequal burden was predictable given a long history of racial exclusion, discrimination, and inequality in the United States.

Building from the report, panelists will discuss specific strategies to build an inclusive economy that centers on the needs of Black and Brown women and their communities. A particular focus will center on bridging academic research to movement building and advocacy.

The webinar is is co-hosted by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, and the Women’s Institute for Science, Equity and Race.

Learn more and register here.