United State of Women (USOW) Summit | May 5-6

The United State of Women Summit isn’t just a conference — it’s a powerful gathering of women and allies from across the country who know their energy and power will break down barriers that stand between women and full equality.

On May 5th and 6th, thousands of women will convene in Los Angeles to inspire and be inspired, to motivate and be motivated, to teach and to learn. Attendees will connect with leading organizations to channel their energy into action, leaving with new ideas and partners, hands-on training, and the tools and resources they need to make change at all levels.

Anne Price, President of the Insight Center, will be speaking on “In the Red: Wealth Inequality is a Bigger Crisis Than We Think.” There’s a lot of talk about income inequality, but what about *wealth* inequality? Nearly half of all single women of color have zero or negative net worth, and the median net worth of Black and Latino families is expected to fall to zero in the middle of the century. If that sounds like a crisis to you, then you’re right. So what are we doing about it? We’ve convened a group of experts who work at the many intersections of how women strive to support themselves, and together, we’ll explore what’s keeping women unwealthy and what we can do to get wealth wise.

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