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Getting Real About Racial Wealth Inequities Part 2: Changing the Narrative and Building Power

Listen to Dorian Warren, Anne Price, Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, and Shawn Sebastian discuss how to reframe the conversation around racial wealth inequity to support both incremental and transformative policy change. 

Racial wealth inequity is a deeply entrenched problem that remains poorly addressed by conventional public policy and poorly served by many of the mainstream narratives around it. Inequities that should and could be dismantled are thus reinforced.

How can we change the conversation to lay the groundwork for advancing equity? And how can we come together to foster alignment and the necessary power for realizing that change?

To explore these questions, the Insight Center partnered with Prosperity Now to host a virtual conversation, Getting Real About Racial Wealth Inequities Part 2: Changing the Narrative and Building Power, a follow-up to our first discussion in this series.

Dorian Warren, President of the Center for Community Change Action, Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and Co-chair for the Economic Security Project, led a virtual exchange with:

The panel discussed how widely held beliefs on solutions to racial wealth inequity are damaging and false, and how institutions like the Federal Reserve continue to shape policy around harmful narratives of Black and Brown people. The panel identified important counter-narratives and strategies for advancing racial equity, and discussed different approaches to advocacy and policy change, from the incremental to the transformative. 

Watch the full discussion using the media player above, or listen to the podcast by using the audio player below or by visiting the Hidden Truths podcast on iTunes or Android.

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