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How Far Has America Actually Come Since the Promises of the George Floyd Protests?

We’re more than a year out from the murder of George Floyd, which sparked a summer of national protests, rallies and dialogue for an end to police brutality and for racial justice writ large. To racial justice advocates and community organizers who have been fighting for decades to address embedded racism within our systems and institutions, the national discourse seemed like an amazing opportunity to finally have our voices heard and valued, and for real, systemic change to finally come.

But how far have we actually come since the promises and solidarity of last summer? Many will point to having Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill (in likely 2030) and Juneteenth being declared a federal holiday as proof of gains made for Black Americans. There has also been statement after statement from corporations and companies promising to take stock and do better, and a new President who has made racial justice a central focus to his presidency.

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