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It’s Time to Honor the Political Power of Women of Color Voters

With less than a week until Election Day and early voting eclipsing 2016 numbers, Black, Indigenous, Asian and Pacific Islander, Latinx, and Muslim women will play a crucial role in determining our nation’s future. According to Aimee Allison of She the People, a national network elevating the political voice and power of women of color, “the only path to solutions that heal us as a people is with the enthusiastic support of women of color.”

The electoral power of the 63 million women of color in the United States is a mighty force that should not be overlooked. From 2016 to 2018, the voting share of women of color grew by 37 percent. There are 13.6 million more citizen voting-age (CVA) women of color than there were in 2000, compared to 6 million for their white counterparts, a 59 percent jump. And one out of every four voters in key states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Georgia is a woman of color. Yet, the political power of women of color is both under-researched and underinvested in by philanthropic organizations.

If the 2020 election has become a referendum on the soul of the nation, then women of color are on the frontlines. With distinct intra-racial perspectives, histories, geographies, and lived experiences, women of color are clearly not a monolith, but they are united by a set of overarching values, and they are focused on our nation’s most important issues, such as health care, the economy and jobs, immigration, public safety, and racial justice.

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