Our team shares a steadfast commitment to helping build a more economically just and inclusive society. They come from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds, and are skilled at facilitation and coalition building. Our work teams are intentionally structured to foster interdisciplinary thinking and take advantage of this diversity of thought. Our research and consulting services are both rigorous and practical, and are grounded by our experience of working directly with the communities we serve.

Our Team

  • Anne Price
  • Jhumpa Bhattacharya
    Vice President of Programs and Strategy
  • Brad Caftel
    Vice President of Finance and Operations
  • Marsha Caldwell
    Director of Operations
  • Jack Mills
    Workforce Strategy Officer
  • Jacob Denney
    Director of Policy and Research
  • Aisa Villarosa
    Associate Director of Policy and Advocacy

Senior Program Consultant Team

  • Anika Fassia, LMSW, BSN, RN, CD
    Senior Consultant
  • Vishnu Sridharan
    Senior Consultant

Fiscal, Communications and Development Consultant Team

  • Sharon Zeenkov, MBA
  • Erin Fogg
    Senior Consultant
  • Elisabeth Williams
    Senior Consultant