The Insight Center is a national research and economic justice organization working to ensure that all people become and remain economically secure. We expose hidden truths to unearth and address the root causes of economic exclusion and racial inequity. We work to shift inequitable power structures to ensure that all people can fully participate in the economy and have the freedom to bring their full selves to our diverse nation regardless of zip code, race or gender.


Those in power have long overlooked and undervalued the real life needs of Americans, especially people of color in creating economic policy. Harmful narratives about people of color, especially Black Americans, have led to disproportionately high levels of incarceration, joblessness and poverty, and prevent us from enacting transformative policies that help all Americans thrive. We must implement solutions to address the intentional disinvestment, dehumanization and exclusion of people of color from economic policy and opportunity.


The Insight Center’s work is driven by and for leaders and communities of color. At the center of our work is a focus on race. We conduct groundbreaking research to ignite systemic change, produce powerful tools and resources to shift narratives and build political and public will, convene experts to bridge the gap between academia and activism, and advocate for policies that address economic exclusion. Insight sparks innovative ideas, amplifies community voices and solutions, and leads the field by developing leaders who advance economic prosperity for everyone.

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