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Episode 9: Sandhya Anantharaman

Listen to Jhumpa Bhattacharya and Sandhya Anantharaman discuss the history, promise, and ongoing debate around Universal Basic Income as a policy solution for economic and racial inequity.

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Sandhya Anantharaman is a Co-Director of the Universal Income Project, a California-based advocacy organization working to educate, build support, and organize around Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a “radically common-sense” policy solution for economic and social inequity.

Sandhya joined Jhumpa Bhattacharya, Director of Racial Equity and Strategy, on the podcast for an in-depth discussion of UBI, including its history, potential, and the many questions and misconceptions surrounding current debates of this progressive policy proposal.

In describing the transformative potential of UBI, Sandhya discussed case studies of UBI and similar cash transfer programs, including the pending UBI pilot in Stockton; the role of UBI in complementing the existing social safety net; and the need to shift the national discussion of UBI away from issues of technology and automation to focus on economic and racial equity.

Sandhya, who is also the Data Scientist at the national, racial justice organization Color of Change, also spoke about the need to complement the “incredibly clear” data behind basic income with more trust-building stories of how it can radically change lives, and society, through its testament to the “unconditional value” of each and every person.

To learn more about Sandhya Anantharaman and her work at the Universal Income Project, visit universalincome.org, and follow her on Twitter and Medium.