July 12 | Black Thought Project

What happens when we center Blackness? When we experience and define the world and our own lives through the complexity of the Black experience. What happens when we honor Blackness? When we respect the thoughts and experiences of a people who the world has coveted and feared—tried so desperately to emulate and so deliberately attempted to exterminate. What would it take to create a sacred public space and time in which Blackness is not threatened but guaranteed safety, refuge, and protection?

Sponsored by the Insight Center, the Black Thought Project transforms public and private spaces into sanctuaries for the expression of Black thought. We envision communities where Black people are given safe spaces to reflect, are listened to and honored for their experiences and perspectives.

On July 12th, we will launch our first interactive public art installation at the Oakland Museum’s Oak Street Plaza chalkboard. We will invite Black folx to share their thoughts on questions of safety, community, liberation and home. Other non-Black participants will be protectors and observers—making sure the space is respected and taking in the thoughts and feelings of Black people.

Join us for music, food, and sacred Black thoughts.

No registration required – come one, come all.

WHEN: Friday, July 12 from 6pm – 8pm

WHERE: Oakland Museum of California