Hidden Truths is a platform for sharing research, insights, and lived experience to expose the root causes of economic exclusion and racial inequity. We amplify voices to spotlight and challenge inequitable systems and power structures in order to ensure that all people, no matter their race, gender, or zip code, can fully participate in the economy, and have the freedom to bring their full selves to our diverse nation.

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Hidden Truths

  • Episode 24: Thomas W. Mitchell
  • Episode 23: Indivar “Indi” Dutta-Gupta
  • Episode 22: Rakeen Mabud
  • Episode 21: Surina Khan
  • Episode 20: Catherine Berman
  • Episode 19: Anne Price + Jhumpa Bhattacharya
  • Episode 18: Shawn Fremstad
  • Episode 17: Brandon Greene and Noe Gudiño
  • Episode 16: Dr. David Pate Jr and Jacquelyn L Boggess
  • Episode 15: Dr. Lori Pfingst


  • Shanya Hayes | In Her Own Voice
  • Stories - exposing hidden truths of inequality
    Elinam "Eli" Dellor | In Her Own Voice