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The California Family Needs Calculator (formerly the Family Economic Self-Sufficiency Standard or Self-Sufficiency Standard), quantifies the costs of basic needs for California’s working families. Many policymakers, advocates, services providers, foundations, and families use the Self-Sufficiency Standard to make informed decisions on working family issues. It measures the minimum income necessary to cover all of a non-elderly (under 65 years old) and non-disabled individual or family’s basic expenses - housing, food, child care, health care, transportation, and taxes  - without public or private assistance. The California Self-Sufficiency Standard is available for all 58 counties across the state. This tool allows you to look up the Self-Sufficiency Standard for a specific county and household type in California.

How much is enough to make ends meet in your county?

  • To view the methodology for the Self-Sufficiency Standard for California, click here.
  • To learn how the Family Self Sufficiency Standard tool is used, click here.
  • To download the full data tables for the 2014 Self-Sufficiency Standard for California (e.g. minimum income levels by county and family type) click here (Excel, 1.8MB)
  • To download the full data tables for the 2012 Self-Sufficiency Standard for California demographic analysis (e.g. number and percent of households with incomes below the Self-Sufficiency Standard) click here (Excel, 770KB)
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Interested in economic security for those 65 years and older? Click here to learn more about the Elder Index, the county-specific measure of the minimum income needed for individuals 65 years and older.