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Episode 10: Gabriela Sandoval

Listen to Anne Price and Gabriela Sandoval discuss utility shutoffs, unfair billing practices, and their impact on the health and wellbeing of California families and communities.

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Gabriela Sandoval is the Research Director for the End Shutoffs Campaign, a project at TURN – The Utility Reform Network that seeks to address the health and housing impacts of utility shutoffs. TURN is a consumer protection organization that advocates for affordable, environmentally responsible, and quality utility services for California families and communities, particularly those struggling to make ends meet.

Gabriela joined Insight President Anne Price to discuss her work to develop a better understanding of where and why utility shutoffs occur, how shutoffs impact the health and wellbeing of families and communities, and how to prevent them.

Gabriela discussed the causes and impacts of the growing number of utility shutoffs in California, her organization’s ongoing work to identify and map the communities most affected by shutoffs, and the different types of unfair billing practices that can harm consumers.

Gabriela also discussed the need to give greater attention to the structural causes behind shutoffs in the public conversation, and she shared tips for energy conservation, protection against unjust billing practices, and how consumers can speak out and get involved to create a more equitable and accessible utility market.

To learn more about Gabriela’s work and the mission of TURN, visit turn.org.