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Episode 13: Andrea Flynn

Listen to Jhumpa Bhattacharya and Andrea Flynn discuss the systemic barriers that hold back women, particularly women of color, and the need for far-reaching policy change.

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Andrea Flynn is a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, where she researches and writes about issues that impact women and families. She explores connections between reproductive healthcare and poverty, state-level restrictions to family planning and abortion, inequality and maternal mortality, and various economic policies that impact the economic security of women and families.

Jhumpa Bhattacharya, Insight’s Director of Racial Equity and Strategy, welcomed Andrea on the podcast to discuss her new collaborative report, “Justice Doesn’t Just Trickle Down: How Racialized and Gendered Rules Are Holding Women Back.”

The report sheds light on the fact that for women – particularly women of color – health, safety and economic security are inextricably linked. Using an intersectionality framework, the report illustrates the vast web of racialized and gendered “rules” in the U.S. that lead to inequitable opportunities and outcomes for women of color.

Andrea discussed how tinkering around the edges with small policy changes, while important, may not effectively facilitate widespread change for women of color due to the way racism and sexism are “baked in” to our social and economic systems.

Andrea also talked about the need to create programs for marginalized communities that would account for the legacy of racial exclusion and disparities and foster opportunities that would indeed trickle up and benefit a much broader set of Americans.

To learn more about Andrea’s work, please visit rooseveltinstitute.org/andrea-flynn.

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